Visit St. Nicholas of Niras - a lovely monastery very close to Porto Katsiki and egremni beaches.

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Just a few km far from Lefkada's most famous beaches, Porto Katsiki and Egremni, the visitor can find a wonderful place in order to think, to relax and to meditate, or to appreciate a little more the goods of the Heavanly Father. Such a place is the small monastery of St. Nicholas of Niras.

The location has a stunning view to the Ionian sea and you can admire the deep blue expanding limitlessly until the end of the horizon. Atokos, Ithaca and Kephalonia islands are in front of you, only for you!

The monastery's history is taking us back in the early 17th century. Seven families have constructed the building. However, the present church is later. The inner temple is decorated with icons made in 1799.

St. Nicholas icon, is the oldest signed and dated portable image of Lefkada, which was stolen and found again in 1979 with many damages.

Almost no one and nothing can "infiltrate" and unsettle the calmness of the surrounding. Here, the sea as well as the wind are your true, genuine friends .

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