Shades of Lefkada through a walk in the old town.

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Although Lefkada is famous basically for its beautiful beaches and lush topography, this small island in the Ionian Sea boasts another distinct aspect for anyone who wants to explore.


I will not refer to any part of Lefkada countryside or in a mountain trail. No need to go away. Take a walk through the picturesque narrow streets of the old Lefkada and walk around them (the best time during the day is after midday).


Because my house is a stone's throw from the old Lefkada, many times i change my route my route, just to smell a little of the flavor of a bygone era that is still inside these homes. Walls with tin coating, faded colour screens, cast iron and sometimes ornate railings on the balconies make a genuine Ionian architecture image as it can resist the ravages of time.


The old town can be easily found the visitor if he follows the roads separating bars and restaurants by the end of the central market or alternatively wander the alleys left and right of this.

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